Friday, November 7, 2008

Can bird watching lower your cholesterol?

My name is Craig and I have HIGH cholesterol! They say that's half the battle, "They" lied. The doctor said that at my age, it’s just not something I can afford to put off any longer. AT MY AGE? Who does this guy think he is?….. Oh yea the doctor. My grandpa, on my daddy’s side, died when he was 50 from heart disease. My daddy had his first heart attack at age 50 and a triple bypass to boot. My mother has had a triple bypass and we lost her daddy to heart disease as well. I am only, wait for it, 46. Yea, yea, he was right, I have to deal with this.

Well, I am just a little over a year into this realization and here is the progress I have made so far. I quit smoking. That’s right, I just quit. Put them down. Piece of cake. OK, the truth is, my girlfriend said it’s me or the cigarettes. Lung cancer had struck in her family and she just wasn’t having it. Was it hard? Hell yea. But I did it and haven’t touched them since. To do this, I needed a new habit. Instead of smoking at break time at work, I went for a walk. These walks grew in distance and frequency over the last year and I discovered an old love, bird watching.

I would see a new bird and google it as soon as I got back to my desk. That’s when I realized that this was exactly the kind of motivation I needed to keep up with the drudgery of exercising. I found a really cool blog that I liked, Dave’s bird watching blog , and decided this is what I would like to do. I want to share what I see on my walks as well as keep everyone informed with my health progress. Not really expecting to hit the Wall Street Journal anytime soon, but hey, I like to write, I like the critters, and I am pretty happy with the living thing too. So, it all fits.

I look forward to your comments, advice, and personal experiences!

Craig Glenn


Anonymous said...

How fabulous...

Annie said...

Ah, very good...a great start to your exercise regime..bird watching....

I started walking when I bought a puppy for my daughter...that puppy has just passed on at aged 14 years, but what fun those 14 years of walking were..and now I know the suburb and its streets and parks and river like the back of my hand...and would never give up walking for the world.

Now I have a blog I often take the camera out with me...a bit of a bore, but I do get some good shots from time to time...not totally professional, but fun anyway!

So keep up the walking...and have fun with the blogging...and the house renovations! And I am sure that your cholesterol count will go down for you! Will be checking in from time to time! ;-)


ps Thanks for stopping by my blog this morning. Good to have you!