Friday, November 14, 2008

The critters I have seen!

The reason birds can fly and we can't is simply that they have perfect faith, for faith is necessary to have wings.- James M. Barrie

I have to admit, walking was tough this week. I kept having to sell the idea over and over. But I stuck to it and did my three walks a day. I do two 15-20 minute walks and one 30-40 minute walk everyday of the work week. As you know it’s a doctors orders kind of thing, or at least it started out that way. Bird watching has giving me wings, so to speak, and though I may not be excited every time to get up from my cube and venture outside in the still 80 degree weather here, this blog and the birds have given me just the motivation I need to keep it up. Yay, birds and the joy they can bring.

Bird sightings are just amazing here. I work in Maitland FL, just 10 minutes north of downtown Orlando. My office is right smack in the middle of a business district. I am by no means in the country. It never crossed my mind that you could find so much wildlife within walking distance of where I sit and work. I am currently experiencing technical difficulties with the camera so let’s hope I can paint some pictures with words.

Here is a brief list of some of the critters I have seen just this week. I hope to follow up with real life pictures soon. Just today, I identified my first Hairy Woodpecker. What a nervous little guy he was. He seemed to be traveling in a pack and there were others flittering around higher in the oak tree just outside of my building. I am sure it’s not the right time of year for twitterpating, or maybe it was just my imagination. I love looking critters up on Wikipedia and trying to learn more about them so I have included links for everything I saw this week.
On one of my late afternoon walks I saw the prettiest Red-Bellied Woodpecker. What a handsome fellow. He flew down and landed right in front of me on a tree truck not 10 feet away. The Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker made a couple of appearances this week as well.

I didn’t actually see the Kingfisher on my work walks but I did see him on the drive into work. He was sitting on a street sign overlooking a drainage ditch. The same drainage ditch where Maureen and I often see my favorite sighting of the year, the Wood Stork! More about him in a minute, or was it a her, hummmm. So, to finish off this weeks critter report, there was natures answer to keeping the environment clean the American Black Vulture, or as we called him back home the Buzzard or South Ga Eagle. Yesterday yielded a triple shot of Red-Tailed Hawk, White Egret, and Wood Stork all in one shot. Well, it would have been one shot if the camera had worked!
Last but certainly not least I have to visit my friend in the retention pond two building over at least once a week, the American Alligator. He is only about 3-4 feet long but always worth the walk to visit him.

I want to get into more detail about my five sightings of the Wood Stork in the last month. For now I am saving him for my next post. My research has been a lot of fun and I can’t tell you how excited I am to have seen this endangered bird.

For now well wishes and happy birding,
Craig Glenn


Tina said...

Hi Craig,
Wow, a wood stork, I've never seen one up close but they are very striking with their black flight feathers...contrasting against that white body! Neat! What a find plus the alligator...not something we would walk to a pond to see here in Pennsylvania!! Glad you are keeping up with your walking...hope you get that camera fixed soon! Anxious to see your shots!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Craig, This is my first visit to your blog. I am also a bird lover---but really a 'rookie' at it, since I've only been birding since July. The bluebirds got me started since they nested in our yard. Since then, I've had Tufted Titmice, Chickadees, Nuthatches, Goldfinch, Cardinals, Pileated, Red-bellied, Red-headed, Mourning Doves, Northern Flickers, Brown Thrashers, hummingbirds, and I'm sure there are many more. They are now eating us out of house and home--since winter is coming!!!!

Abraham Lincoln said...

I found your comments interesting for working in the city.

I take all of my photos of birds and other animals in my small backyard in our small city. And there is quite a variety.