Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I love the Hawks!

My little brother was out early this morning and being the good little brother he is, he ran back in the house and got his camera. So glad he did, he sent me these photo’s of what I believe is a Broad-winged Hawk (after much research my very nice people, we have determined this guy to be a Red-Shouldered Juvenile). Ok , Tina, Abe and everyone else, I need conformation on this ID. Scot, my little brother, lives on the east cost of central Florida and captured these in his back yard. Thanks for the contribution Scooter!

He also spied a pretty male Cardinal hidding in the tree, for obvious reasons, I would think!

Well the verdit is in: We are going with Red-Shouldered Juvenile Hawk. Thanks so much for all the comments and help with the ID. Thanks again Scooter for the great photo's!



Leedra said...

Need to come back to my post and see what Hap from New Hope has to say about my Broad Winged Hawk. Hap is who alot of bloggers consider the expert. He does not have his own blog, and only comments when he has something to say. I love it when I have a comment from him. Now I have to go back to the reference books to see what I think. You never did tell me how you came to my blog.

Leedra said...

I have posted something asking for you to get some visitors to help you with this ID. Hopefully Hap will be by.

By the way, no matter what the bird, these are some great photographs.

jalynn01 said...

I'm far from an expert on hawks but I looked up Broadwing and it does look like an immature. I'll be anxious to see what everyone else thinks though. Thanks for asking me! These are great pictures. I love the 'straight on' look, it looks so innocent.

Darla said...

You have a very interesting blog! I came over by way of Leedra, she's great! Ilove the remodeling you have done,that's a lot of work. Birds I can't help you with although I love to look and learn. I'll be back!

Shellmo said...

I thought broadwing too! great photos!
Here's the link to cornell's site about the hawk:

Tina said...

Garsh, I don't want to let you down, but I'm also new at this bird naming thing. I can't really say, as I have only seen Red-tails and coopers. After looking at my bird books and visiting Shelly's site (above) I would say it is a broad wing hawk, and like jalynn, I would say an immature. Whatever, it is, your brother got some great shots! Such a beautiful bird and what great patterns on those feathers! ahhh. nice :)

Darla said...

I meant to tell you that my husband's softball team are the Hawks, he likes them too. Drop back by and see if he photograped an Oriole...

Anonymous said...

Came over from Leedra's blog. Like her's,
I am leaning toward imm. Red-shouldered
Hawk. If you have Sibley's guide, he points
out the B-w does not have the barring on
the secondaries of the wings that is found
on imm R-s. Your great photos clearly show
this barring. I am no expert, but this is
my guess just from the Sibley guide. Great
blog by the way.
Hap in New Hope

scot said...

Thanks everyone for the great comments. I'm not a big bird watcher, but I do love my brother and wanted to help lower his cholesterol. I hope this helps. (I asked my Dr. and he suggested I stay on my statins for now)

We use to have a couple of hawks in the area, I wonder if this guy is one of theirs. He wasn't afraid of me, but as you can tell, he kept a close eye on me.

Craig Glenn said...

Thank you All, for this kind words. Thanks scooter for the great shots. Hap has graciously paid us a visit and now we are tasked with correctly identifing this little beauty!


jalynn01 said...

Craig: Stop by my blog I posted a Red-shouldered hawk I took last year. Doesn't look like yours.

scot said...

I received some information from some people at work. Andy has a good observation about this guy.

He has studied and fished with a professor who was an ornithologist and he was constantly pointing out this bird or that and telling him the differences.

Definitely young, which makes it harder because they look so much more alike in juvenile plumage . . . but I'm guessing red-shouldered without seeing anymore of the tail or legs. All puffed up from cold, so hard to get a good idea of how long the legs are. My guess is based on the second picture and what I can see of the tail. The tail on a Red-Shouldered usually has four dark, broad bars with the lowest being the end of the tail. The tail on a Broad Wing is usually only three darks bars, two distinct white ones, and the second white one is often the end of the tail. In that second picture, it looks like the lowest bar is dark and there is another right above it, so likely to be four in total if one could see the whole thing. I think, also, Broad Wings are only found in FL during the winter (now might be close enough I suppose) and usually further south

Leedra said...

Well, I went and bought a Sibley Guide to Birds today....this looks like a Florida juvenile red-shoulder hawk, as so does mine. The Florida Red-Shoulder Hawks i Fla look different than other places. Who would have thought that?

Mary said...

Whatever he is, he is beautiful! I don't see enough hawks to get good at knowing different types, but there are lots of bloggers out there who do know them.

Bird Girl said...

Your little brother did a nice job with the hawk pictures! Being from the northeast - everything looks like a red-tail to me - haha. I never see broadwing hawks - but I sure like this one!