Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Learning to use my camera...

I am working hard to learn the ends and out of taking good photo's. This is a test picture of Darby our golden retriever.

As you can see he is guarding his toys and waiting for me to fix his dinner.

Here's an interesting fact. Did you know that the camera has a lot of different settings to choose from? I KNOW! Me either!

Anyway, I got the manual out and played around with one setting then the other. If only my photography hero’s were here to help me. Leedra, I am sure she would know what to do. Hannibal and her awesome animals, could fix this poor beginner. Surely Abe the master of the hawk could conquer this devise. There are many others I know, too many to name.

Here is the good news. I will never give up. I will learn to use this camera and it’s many eccentricities. What is an arm-a-chair? Why does F have to stop? Why is F moving? Do I need a good zoom or better resolution? Alas, I will learn these things, and one day take a picture worthy of my blogging ambitions!

Thank you for your support,


Shellmo said...

This made me laugh Craig! The manual button scares me a little - still playing around with and figuring out my camera too!

Darla said...

Hey, I know exactly how you feel as well. I will capture a great photo and then forget what setting it was on..........It's fun though. You have some beautiful bird photos...

Bird Girl said...

Hey Craig - good for you! What kind of camera did you get? You'll get on to it - it only took me 30 years - haha - to use manual! But, I am blonde an dense - love your Darby!

Craig Glenn said...

Thanks for the comments.... Actually I am using a camera that was very graciously loaned to us until I can get a new one. Will probably be after the first of the year before I can get one.

I would love to hear suggestions from the experts on camera choices.

My on loan camera is an Olympus C-3020.


Abraham Lincoln said...

The Olympus C-3020

See and read Steve's review > copy and paste


I think you have enough camera for what you want to do. Once you understand that some of the features on your camera are already programmed and that you can use them with new or different f stops or aperture settings and the "programs" resets things for you, then it will get easier.

It does take some people longer than others to get things to work out but I think you can made it.

Leedra said...

Never had an Olympus, Canon is my pick. They are all good.

Your post is great, had me a good laugh this morning. The camera confusion blues we have all had. Be sure and find the action shot setting and for birds flying needs to be a high shutter speed (I set it at 500). When you don't need the it so fast, like a bird sitting still or a deer in the woods I set it to 150 or 200. Mine is called TV, not sure what that would be in an Olympus.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Good Luck!I am fairly new to both the camera and computer world.Didn't know how to start a computer until 2 years ago.Steep learning curve but I managed.I had heard all the camera talk forever,my son is a pro,butonly recently tried to use a DSLR for myself.If I can do it so can you,I'm not as young as I used to be.Have fun,use the instuction manual and play with the settings.It is digital after all and you can always delete.

Bird Girl said...

I've owned several Sony point & shoot cameras and learned to use manual settings with the H-5 & H9. They menu is very user friendly. I'm sure any camera today will be fine!
My first DSLR is a Nikon D40x - I really like it as well!