Monday, December 1, 2008

Our porch...

Thanks for all the comments on our porch in the last post. Since I don't have any birds to show off I thought I would take some time and share some of the things Maureen and I did this year. As I mentioned before, we remodeled a house. One year soon, we hope to finish. This is one of my favorite rooms. We eat our dinner here every night. It is an awesome room at night. We did not install any lights. It is totally decorated for relaxing and enjoying each other. So, only candles and right now a string of red christmas lights. Wish I could show you how well Maureen has decorated it for the holidays.... Maybe later.

Here is how it started.

So as you can see we had a lot of trash to get ride of... We decided that it was too long, so we put in a wall which created a sitting room for our master bedroom. If this is interesting to anyone I will share more rooms later.

The bay window had some wood rot problems, so we had to repair that as well.

Then we decided we didn't like the wood and had it sheetrocked.

The white tile.... gotta go.

Sorry for the small picture but here is the new tile and pretty much the finished product.

I will try to get a new pic of how the room looks now with all of the finishing touches. Again this is my favorite room. I love eating dinner with Maureen by candle light everynight. I never get tired of spending this quality time together. I can also see my bird feeders right out the bay window. If you like I would be glad to share some other rooms. At least until I have new bird photos. Please let me know what you think. I must add that not only is Maureen an awesome decorator, she swings a mean sledge hammer and was way ahead of me for most of the demo and remodel.

Just the other weekend we were doing some projects and she went missing and I found out later that she was in the attic putting insulation over the kitchen! I love that woman!



Leedra said...

I enjoyed this. My husband and I have gone through 2 total constructions and now have purchased a fixer upper for him to live in while he works out of town.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

I can see why this is your favorite room.Sounds like the two of you are a great match.
Thanks for your visits to our blog.
Bessings,Jake and Ruth

Tina said...

You certainly did a lot of work and it shows! Very nice, Craig. You two certainly sound like a great team! :)