Sunday, December 21, 2008

Two pieces of broken Cacti...

Welcome to the second installment of "our backyard".

Maureen has salted Central Florida with Cacti. It all started with two pieces of broken off, uhhh, it just occurred to me I have no idea what you call a piece of cactus, pieces. Leaves? No, that’s not it. Clumps? I don’t think so. Ok, hang on, I got to go look it up…. Arrggggg.

Ok, I am back. All I could find was “cactus sections”. There has to be a better word than that. Oh well, someone will let me know I am sure. Let’s move on.

This story goes back several years and houses ago. Over the years moving from one house to another broken sections and entire cactus living in huge planters were carted from site to site. No one seems to know exactly what kind of cactus they are, but needless to say they are all over our backyard. I love the character they give the yard and when they bloom it is quite beautiful.

Thanks again for the visit and do leave a comment if you like. I promise, back to more birds and critters soon. I guess I am just so amazed at how much blooms this time of the year and I have never paid it any attention.

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