Monday, January 26, 2009

Northern Cardinal

I got a few shots of the Cardinal today on my lunch walk. Not the best of photo's to be sure but these are the first ones I have taken that were any where near good enough to post. He sang to me the entire time I stood there, or at least that is what I keep telling myself. For all I know he was telling me to move along there big fella, nothing to see here!

Did you know:
The brilliantly colored Northern Cardinal has the record for popularity as a state bird: in the United States, it holds that title in seven states. This common bird is a winter fixture at snow-covered bird feeders throughout the Northeast, but it only spread to New York and New England in the mid-20th century.
Population density and range increased over the last 200 years, largely as a response to habitat changes made by people. The cardinal benefits from park-like urban habitats and the presence of bird feeders. However, it is listed as a species of special concern in California and may disappear there because of habitat loss.

The female Northern Cardinal sings, often from the nest. The song may give the male information about when to bring food to the nest. A mated pair shares song phrases, but the female may sing a longer and slightly more complex song than the male.

The male cardinal fiercely defends its breeding territory from other males. When a male sees its reflection in glass surfaces, it frequently will spend hours fighting the imaginary intruder. Brighter red males hold territories with denser vegetation, feed at higher rates, and have greater reproductive success than duller males.

Did you know research from Cornell Lab of Ornithology.
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Shellmo said...

His red stands out no matter how deep he's in that tree!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

A beautiful bird from any angle.I'm still waiting for 'my' Cardinal to show up on our yard.LOL

dAwN said...

I have a real hard time taking photos of small birdies...
When our home is parked in my parents driveway we are close to a few bushes...the cardinals peck at our windows when they see their cat loves it..

Leedra said...

That red sure does jump out at you. Nice that he sang to you.

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Bird Girl said...

I'm glad you got some cardinal pictures - see I told you spring is coming - he is singing to you! I can't wait to hear a cardinal sing! Nice!

The Muse said...

One of my all time favorites!

Salty said...

Interesting information.
I can vouch for the males fighting their reflections. One year I had to keep my car mirrows covered or a male cardinal would flutter & poop on the mirrors every day. This went on for a couple of months. I sure was glad when the mating season was finally over!