Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bears have to eat too...

It's early morning...

The day of our Disney trip. Two o'clock and all is quiet. Not a creature was stiring, not even a mouse. (Get it, pun intended, we are going to Disney, the mouse, get it.... never mind...) Then all of a sudden, Darby our faithful guard dog slash lazy golden retriever barks loud enough to wake the dead, as well as Sara sleeping in her room, still not sure what her 6th birthday surprise is going to be come morning. Forty-five minutes later I get everyone back to sleep and crawl back in bed wondering, what was that all about? Believe you me, Darby got a good scolding to boot.
Morning comes and Maureen is up first; she looks out the window and wonders why someone through garbage in our yard. You see, we keep the cans behind the fence and sealed up tight. As she looks she realizes, hey that is our garbage!

Then things start to make sense. It seems we were paid a visit from what can only be a black bear. I certainly have not seen any dogs or cats that can do this to a 6' gate!

He tore the hinges with 3" lag bolts straight from the post.

Looks like he was able to rip off one of the slats, reach in to get leverage and rip the gate down.

Now I have to rebuild the gate...
and figure out a way to stay up all night and get a photo of that guy! lol
We live near the Wekiwa River State Park. We see the bears in our neighborhood from time to time and have even seen them climb these fences. I have no idea why he or she chose to tear the gate down this time instead of climbing it.


Kallen305 said...

I cannot even imagine!!! Good luck fixing all of that! HA, I would be just like you staying up all night and trying to get a picture. Good luck!

jalynn01 said...

It's about the time the bears come out to play... out of hibernation that is. For several years I had one visit my feeders and even was up on my deck more than once. They are powerful and strong and can do some damage. When they 'wake up' they must be ravenous hungry is all I can say! Good luck with your bear watch...next time listen to the dog!! Look outside.

Bird Girl said...

Gee, Craig...the whole incident might have been worth a torn off gate IF you could have at least gotten a picture of the big guy ;-) That is incredible!

scot said...

So, here is the plan.. Get dressed in your camo. Take some chicken fat and rub it all over, especially behind the ears. Now get in one of those big trash cans and pull the lid on.

Along comes this cute little fellow, as he gently lifts off the lid to your can, Blind him with a flash of the camera.

Now the trick is to keep flashing and taking pictures to keep him off balance until you can run inside without letting Darby out.

Can't wait to see those shots. BTW, let me know when you try this and I will sit up on the roof and get pictures of you running.

missbreezysbox said...

Yes,I would like to see the pictures of the bear too. Don't rub chicken on & hide in the trash can though. Get them from a very far distance. oh, no porage either.

Bhavesh Chhatbar said...

Poor you, but you will rebuild it better for the better bears :)

In the Garden said...

Graig as much as I would like to have a bear shot I would rather it came from a zoo than my back yard....what a mess. The worst I've got is coons and they do rip the bird feeders apart, beyond repair.

Craig Glenn said...

The gate is all rebuilt now. Better, stronger, faster.... uhhhh, nevermind... just better.

I certainly am not mad at the bear. They were hear first. If he tears it down again I will just fix it again.

Thanks for everyone's comments!


Leedra said...

Good thing you stayed in the house! Look what he could have done to you. We don't put any garbage out because of bears, and other critters.

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