Monday, February 23, 2009

I want my bicycle...

The birds are just pouring in! YAY!

I have to admit that I am not very good with the sparrows even though I really want to learn. So I am asking for help with these. Maureen took this shot so be sure and give her a "great shot" shout out. I know yall will get sick of seeing this feeder by the end of the summer but not to worry it is moble and I can swap it our for something else redneck later! I thought about cutting a tractor tire in half but Maureen wouldn't let me. Probably for the best; you got any idea how much a tractor tire cost these days?

Click to enlarge. Maureen did a great job with this shot because when you enlarge you get to see the sparrows from all angles.

Update: Thanks everyone for the helpful comments. I believe that we have a winner with Chipping Sparrows!

Please help me with the sparrow ID and the first to correctly ID them will get to ride Sara's bicycle. That is "IF" Darby, the golden retriever, will let you get close. Darby is such a great dog. This photo was taken this weekend. Sara keep riding ahead and Darby worries about any member of the pack that gets too far away. So I yelled to Sara to stop and wait for us. Sara called Darby and he pulled at the leash so Maureen let him go check on her. He went right up beside her asked if he could ride too. He loves Sara and we love them both. This is why we decided not to sell either one.

Thanks for stopping by everyone,


SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Oh good!! I am back to being able to post again. Over the weekend there were a few places I could not get on again.

Okay, if you want to sell either, please let me know and I will make you an offer. Then I WILL take Sara to eat there. LOL!!

This was a terrific picture Maureen took. Well done!!

A lot of the places which put new tires on cars will give you an old one id you asked them. They make terrific swings for children too if you have a big enough tree.

Kallen305 said...

It looks like a chirping sparrow to me, but could be a tree sparrow.

Love the picture w/ your daughter and the dog.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Don't know the name of the Sparrows,but it is a great shot.Sara and Darby look like keepers for sure.

Shellmo said...

I would guess house sparrow - but don't quote me on that! I love that bicycle feeder!

Abe Lincoln said...

These are either "Chipping Sparrows" or they could be "White Crowned Sparrows" but I am not for sure as the shot would have to be closer or I would need new glasses. It is a good shot to be sure.

jalynn01 said...

I think they are Chipping Sparrows, but White Crowned Sparrows look so much the same... hmmm. not sure, now.
I love the picture of Sarah and Darby. That is just so sweet!! Dogs are great and you can tell he loves her! So protective.

Craig Glenn said...

Thanks for all the great comments everyone. I think I agree with Chipping Sparrow. Looked them up on wiki and all about birds and they are they seem to be the ones.


dAwN said...

Looks like chippys to me.
I like the bike...i want more bike...

Tina said...

Nice post, love the are picking up some neat feeders! Glad all the birds are finally arriving.. Love the protective doggie and his little owner!!

HANNIBAL said...

I'm gonna disagree with everyone and say they are American Tree Sparrows. Why? Chippers have a solid rusty "hat" on their head. These photos show stripes. Chippies have a whitish underbelly, the photo shows clay/gray. Just my opinion. Also, a big "Shoutout" to Maureen--Great shot!

Anonymous said...

Hi Craig, these are for sure Chipping
Sparrows that Maureen has captured so
nicely. They are still in their winter
finery, but soon will be donning their
pretty little rusty caps. The white
stripe over the eyes are already quite
evident. Nice.
Hap in New Hope (MN)

Craig Glenn said...

Thanks Hap and others who helped tie this down! Your comments and helpful tips mean a lot to me!


Leedra said...

Another good reason is it is against the law to sell children! Hah!

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