Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mystery Critter Round 1 Solved

Ok, I suspect I will catch some heat on this one. You see I never said it was a bird! You can read the comment again, I said, not really!

Congrats to Joan for nailing it right off the bat! I have never guessed one of her's correctly. Of course many others saw through my deception as well.

I found this little guy while out for one of my lunch break walks. Tough getting a good shot of a turtle when the hide from you.

Thanks for playing everyone!



HANNIBAL said...

Lead me astray...I'll get you for that! Do it again!

missbreezysbox said...

Follow that turtle. I would love to see the face. Maybe a little camera shy.

Bird Girl said...

Well, I'll be! Ya coulda fooled me!

dAwN said...

Good one.

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

You are not going to believe this Craig... I CAN GET ONTO YOUR BLOG TODAY!! YippEeeeee!! Now Troutbirder is having the same problem with his. I get the feeling that it is because of Google making changes.

In the Garden said...

I love the camera shy turtle and have seen many of these myself. I have visited your blog many times and have also had trouble getting on. Hopefully this one will suceed.