Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mystery Critter Wednesday Round 1

I confess, I totally stole this idea from Joan from South African Photographs. I hope she starts her own meme with this idea. I will be the first to sign up. It’s loads of fun and I can tell she has a blast with it. Mostly she makes fun of me and my crazy outlandish guesses. I hope you approve Joan, as they say forgery is the sincerest form of flattery!

Here is round one, I only hope I did not make it too easy.

Name this critter:

Thanks in advance for playing along. The answer is coming tomorrow.



Kallen305 said...

Craig, maybe it's because it is 5:30 am here, but I don't see it. HA!! LOL!!! I will have to come back and play after have had some coffee.

Craig Glenn said...

Joan from South African Photographs is having problems posting comments to this blog so I am posting here comment here for her... Thanks Joan.

I love you stealing my idea Craig and dont mind at all even though I am a "meanie". LOL!!

My guess would be a tortoise. I wish I could post on it though. I just tried and it is still not working. :(

Craig Glenn said...


Drink that coffee, cause it is something!


Thanks for you patience with my site and your guess. Could be in the tortoise family, or maybe one of my old boots!


Bird Girl said...

I stink at this! I don't have a clue!

Craig Glenn said...

Awhhhh come on Barb! This is an easy one!



dAwN said...

Here I am spying on you..Tee hee..
Well i wish i could click on the photo and make it bigger...
I am guessing that these are birdie feathers of a Chuck wills Widow...

Craig Glenn said...

Dawn! you nailed it!!!
I never would have guess someone would get that one. Ok, not really but thanks for playing!

You didn't put any listening devices your post did you?


missbreezysbox said...

Those are feathers? I don't see it.

HANNIBAL said...

Holy cow, I was going to say turtle, then reading the comments...seriously? Thats a bird? Must google it NOW!

Craig Glenn said...

Ladies, I was kidding! it's not a bird, I said not really.

Good job Joan and Hannibal. New post is up with the answer.