Tuesday, March 24, 2009

American Goldfinch Antics

Did you Know:

A familiar and abundant small colorful bird, the American Goldfinch is frequently found in weedy fields and visiting feeders. It shows a particular fondness for thistles, eating the seeds and using the down to line its nest.

Summer male is bright yellow with a black cap whereas female is drab olive. Sexes similar and drab in winter.

Did you know research from Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

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Craig Glenn


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Those Goldfinches are sure yellow.Looks good.

Leedra said...

Good to see the Goldfinch turning BRIGHT yellow. Means our cold weather should be going away.

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Bird Girl said...

The guys are really becoming bright yellow now - and you sure caught some nice flight action in that one shot! Way to go, Craig!

Lanny said...

Daughter EBet is looking forward to putting in a thistle garden, just not sure where to locate it so as not to upset Dirt the farmer.

Your feeder looks bright and colorful.

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

The one thing about some species like finches is that there are always (what seems like) thousands of them and one can not put out enough food. I used to put feed in mine in the morning and once it was finished, they had to wait until the next day for more. They soon learnt when it was time for food and would sit waiting patiently in the tree until I topped up again. :)

dAwN said...

That last photo with the finch flying in is very cool..
Love the bright yellow..it says Spring!

The Write Girl said...

Hey Craig,

That is a beautiful bird. I enjoyed reading about the American Goldfinch.

Stunning bird!

jalynn01 said...

I love when you get a bird in mid-air as you did in the last photo of the goldfinch. Nice!

Steve B said...

You just can't not like Goldfinch.

Tina said...

Your feeders couldn't get more busy!! I do look forward to the summer b/c they turn such a gorgeous yellow! Don't you just love it when you catch birds in flight. I think it is such a thrill to look at your photos and see that you captured some birdee action!
Great shots!