Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Northern Cardinal

Not the greatest of all photo's but I almost caught this male feeding his babyluv! He keep flying away while she sat in the feeder full of food and come back in a few minutes and feed her whatever was in his mouth. It was great fun to watch. I think he loves her! Can you say "twitterpated"?

Cardinals love sun flower seeds!

They also like a bit of undergrowth in your yard as they like to forage near the ground. I Put seed on the ground as well as in the feeders and often see the Cards down with the doves eating.

I am not sure how many pairs visit my yard but the are there early in the morning and the last ones feeding at night.

Thanks for stopping by,

Craig Glenn


SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

I do adore love stories. :) Great shots Craig. These feeders are really doing a great job in attracting birds to your garden.

Craig Glenn said...

Thanks Joan, My grandma always called the red birds and I do that too sometimes and they laugh at me and say that's a cardinal... oh well, you can take the boy out of the country... lol

Craig Glenn

Darla said...

We love watching the Cardinals too!

Shellmo said...

That's a cute feeder! And I love seeing the cardinal during courtship!

Elaine said...

I enjoyed your love story. We don't get cardinals here in Fairbanks so it's great to see your photos.

Leedra said...

The cardinals are always the ones feeding their mate. It is such fun to watch.

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Bird Girl said...

I bet he does love her ;-) And she knows it! How cute, Craig! Fun to watch spring unfold, isn't it?

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Fascinating photos.Yes,sounds like they are in love.

The Muse said...

Dressed in red....she is shameless! (no wonder he is head over feathers in love!) LOL

Cindy Lenker said...

Oh, I love the Cardinals, too! They have been in our yard all year. Wish I could find a nest. I did see one couple where the male fed the female right out on the deck rail, it was so cute!

Dale Forbes said...

I cant get over how beautiful those cardinals are.
Many many years ago, a friend went to the states for an academic conference and brought me a fluffy singing cardinal (with the real call!). I think it migrated home, 'cos I havent seen it in years.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Craig, YES---I remember visiting your blog also a few times... This time, I'll add you to my followers list.

I too love Cardinals..AND you are right---they are the first in the morning and the last at night. Such gorgeous bird. I love it, in the spring, when they sing "Birdie Birdie Birdie"... Too Cute.

WOW--do I love your feeder. Where did you get that? Gorgeous.