Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Unknown Butterfly

This Butterfly is unknown no longer thanks to Lynne at Hasty Brook!

Thanks Lynne!

White Peacock (Anartia Jatrophae) are true brush-foot butterflies found throughout the Florida peninsula. They are often found in open areas near water. I found this one right outside the building I work in. The adults have a wingspan of two to just over two inches.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mystery Critter Wednesday 8 Solved

Here I am! Do you see me now?
I am the little Green Anole!

Well, well, well! I am proud to anouce that the first person to find the Green Anole, was...


(insert here lots of fan fair and confetti... this just goes to show what a little contribution included with your answer will get ya! Keep this in mind people)

I mean YAY Joan!

Others with the right answer include Lynne from Hasty Brooke and Larry from The Brownstone Birding Blog. Oh and the obligatory mention to my little brother who doesn't actually have a blog of his own but lives vicariously through mine. Good job Scooter! Did I mention that Joan the bug lady was the first to get it right? She told me she sent me an email with the correct answer, so that is how I know she won. Just kidding (I am completely serious) Joan won fair and square (if by fair and square you mean she threatened to never visit my blog again) so back off people Joan is the winner!

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Craig Glenn

Mystery Critter Wednesday Round 8

Can you see me?

I am making it super easy this week! Todays critter is clearly seen in the photo above, just find him and ID him. Click on the photo to enlarge.

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Craig Glenn

Monday, June 22, 2009

Now that's a pretty duck!

Click to enlarge!

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Craig Glenn

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Special Bug

Not to be outdone by my nemesis Joan the South African Bug Lady, I ventured out into the bush (ok, it was my backyard) this weekend hoping to find something cool and mysterious for my next blog post. Imagine my excitement when I found this fine specimen of the rare Incredibus Thunderthighmas! Discovered in North America on the first of April 1919, this true bug can not only fly but actually leap 42 times it’s own body length. I have added some interesting “Did you Know” facts below and I hope you enjoy this encounter as much as I did.

Did you Know:

The Thor bug, named for it’s hammer sized hind legs, can be frequently found on the stalks of sun flower plants.

Maureen doesn't like the Thor Bug!

A freak herd of Thor Bugs once devistated an entire crop of sun flower plants.

Did you know research from YouGotToBeKiddingMe.com.

Ok, maybe it's just a stink bug. But doesn't Thor Bug sound so much cooler?

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Craig Glenn

Friday, June 19, 2009

Little Blue Heron

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Craig Glenn

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mystery Critter Round 7 Solved

Muscovy Ducks

Congrats to Little Pig, Jean who has a very nice pottery blog, for being the first to identify the duck. Also welcome to Kelly who is also new to my blog for getting it right as well. Kelly has a wonderful birding blog called Red and the peanut. Please pay both of them a visit and leave a comment. I am sure several others knew the right answer but hedged their guesses to make me feel sneaky, to y'all, thank you too!

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Craig Glenn

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mystery Critter Wednesday Round 7

Supper easy this week! Have fun!!!

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Craig Glenn

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Boat-Tailed Grackle

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Craig Glenn

Monday, June 15, 2009

Pretty duck at 12:00!

It's clear these three boys were not watching me!
Maybe it was these girls!!!

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Craig Glenn

Friday, June 12, 2009

Story Time

The one that got away

I am breaking with tradition here today. By tradition I mean that I am breaking from what seems to be then normal blog post in the community of Nature/Birder blogs. I know this is a risky move and will cause shock and dismay to ripple through Blogland like a disturbance in the force or something. For you young folk that is a reference to the move ‘Star Wars’ which I did see when it was released back in the ‘70s. The norm as far as I can tell is to take a photo of something in nature, post it, add some commentary, scrap some obscure facts from some university website, and whala, you have a blog post.

I must admit it’s a great formula for success but boy you really have to be careful when you break with tradition. There are a few extremist out there too. For example, I had to change the name of my blog from “Craig’s bird watching blog” to Craig’s bird watching and nature blog”. I posted some bug or alligator and the hard core birders were quick to point out that this photo was NOT a bird! Well excussssseeeee ME! LOL

There are three characters in my story today; Maureen, the beautiful red head that stole my heart, a Critter to be named later, and your host… Me. The setting is simple and has been featured many times in my nature blog. I work in the city of Maitland Florida. Just think of it as being in the top of Metro Orlando. Mickey lives in Kissimmee which is in the extreme south of Metro Orlando. In traffic, it’s about an hour away. As the crow flies, it’s about 20 miles. So no, when you go to Disney World, I can’t pop over for lunch! You will have to meet me half way. Oh, I may actually have a few shots of crows wearing little Mickey Mouse ears… I will have to look.

Back to Maitland and our scene of the story. There are lots of office buildings and I spend my lunch hour walking amongst them looking for bits and pieces of nature to blog about. So I work in the city, lots of buildings, cars, and people. The good news is there is a lot of nature to be seen here in the city.

Yesterday, promptly at 6:00 PM, ok maybe it was 5:59 PM; I locked my computer screen shut off my desk lamp, grabbed my camera, and walked out of my cube heading straight for the nearest exit. Maureen, the beautiful read head I mentioned before, was on her way to pick me up. I had some time because she gets off work at 5:59 too, and has about a twenty minute drive to pick me up. There is always a twinge of anticipation during those twenty minutes. Will she come this time? Did I say that out loud?...

I chose a path to the designated bench for pick up. I didn’t want to take the direct root as this would involve more time sitting on a bench waiting. I don’t like waiting. I have never liked waiting. Waiting sucks. Get the point? So, I chose to walk around the parking lot to a sidewalk that leads to a bike path that cuts through a small wooded area that leads to the aforementioned bench. If I time it just right there is more walking and looking and less waiting.

Right after leaving the parking lot part of the walk, my pants started to vibrate. It was the cell and “honey my baby” was calling. She had just had a rough day at work and couldn’t wait until the scheduled pickup to begin telling me about her day. To get the full effect of the story you will now need to use your imagination and picture me walking with a camera bad slung over my shoulder and a cell phone cuddled up to my ear while traffic whizzes by. Although, what she is telling me is very interesting it is also irrelevant to my story so just try and do the old Charlie Brown phone trick and imagine the chatter in my ear as “wonk wonk, wonk wonk wonk” in the voice of Charlie’s mother when she would call him on the phone. There, that’s perfect, I know you just did it too! LOL

It’s a hot day with the mercury in the low 90’s. I had just reached the shady bike path portion of the trip. The path is short, no more that 50 yards. “Oh my, that’s just crazy” I manage to squeeze into the conversation that was mostly wonksided if you get my drift. The wonking had almost drowned out the drone of the traffic on the busy 6 lane road to my left when I could hear the rustle of some critter to my right in the small wooded area that shades the bike path. I dutifully listen while I scan the bushes for what would most likely be yet another gray squirrel looking for his nuts. That’s when it happened.

“I gotta go, I’ll call you back!” I said as I flipped the phone shut and slid it back in my pants in one deft move. The otter walked out into the bike path about 10 feet in front of me and proceeded down the paved path like I wasn’t even there. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I have seen all manor of creatures here in town that I would not expect to see. There is a small alligator in a pond next door and I have seen raccoons and opossums, but never did I expect to see an otter!

Camera! Yea, you are going to want to take a picture of this you moron! My mind is racing. However I had installed the super security pad lock on my camera before coming out side. Have you ever noticed how hard those little plastic clips can be when you really want them open fast? That thing may as well been locked up in Fort Knox! Meanwhile Mr Otter is just walking away minding his own business. Finally, I free the photo blog device from the clutches of its keeper. The otter is 15 yards away now but turning to walk back towards me. Great, I am thinking, he will certainly stop and pose for a close-up I am certain of it!

“OMG how do you turn this foreign object on!” I swear, it was like I had never used the thing in my life! He sees me now. CRAP! Did he just wink at me, as he turned toward the bushes? CRAP! OK, its coming to life, the lens is extending, waiting for the LCD to light up! Adjust the shutter!!!!

He sure was pretty when he slipped into the bushes. I heard the water when he slid into it. My heart still raced. Where did I put that camera case? Back up the bike path, right where I dropped it. I don’t know why I keep looking at the bushes while I went to get the case. Did I really think he was coming back? I gather the case and re-secured the old camera that I suddenly remember exactly how to use. Slung it over my shoulder and proceeded to the bench. Calming down now, trying to gather my thoughts and reliving the encounter in my head. What was I doing anyway?


I dialed the phone as quickly as I could. “What happened?” “Is everyone ok?” “Was it a terrible accident?” “Tell me you didn’t see a snake or something and HANG UP ON ME!” “Somebody better be bleeding in the street when I get there!”

“But honey!” “It was an OTTER!”

It was a long walk home too.

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Craig Glenn

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mystery Critter Round 6 Solved

I have to say that there is only one real winner here. It's me. I have the most wonderful followers and blogging friends and a really cool dog to boot! Thank you Darby and don't listen to you uncle Scooter! Thank you everyone for following and leaving gracious and kind comments!

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Craig Glenn

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mystery Critter Wednesday Round 6

Happy 100th post to ME!

That's right, it's my 100th post. You will have to forgive the quality of the photo. I took a real chance with this photo and put my life in serious danger and risk to my personal well being. All for the benefit of my dear readers. There have been several reports of this creature in our neighborhood but this is the only known conformation. Reporters and various news crews have been camped out for weeks trying to capture this strange critter. I have done it! I have captured the critter on camera. A lot of money is being turned down on these exclusive photo's, as I have opted to reveal them here on my humble blog. I have forwarned Blogger of the great increase I expect to come from this revealing on this blog.

So Take your best shot and try to guess what the special edition Mystery Critter Wednesday 100th episode post can be. I know you will be shocked and amazed at the great reveal on Thursday.

Thanks for your support and reading my blog and I hope the next 100 post will be as much fun for you and they are for me!

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Craig Glenn

Friday, June 5, 2009

Stink Bug on Cypress Tree

Camera Critters

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mystery Critter Wednesday Round 5 Solved


Well like I said, it was not a critter this week but if you use your imagination it kind of looks like one of Joan's South African critters she is always making up! I wish I know what kind of fungi this is but I do not. Perhaps some expert will come across this post and help me with the ID.

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Craig Glenn

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mystery Critter Wednesday Round 5

It's the return of Mystery Critter Wednesday!

This will be a special edition in honor of Joan the bug lady and Tom the fishing guy. What makes this Mystery Critter special... well, to be fair it's not a critter at all. So good luck with your guesses and tell a friend if you have one to stop by and give it a try!

Mystery 1)

Mystery 2)

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