Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mystery Critter Wednesday 8 Solved

Here I am! Do you see me now?
I am the little Green Anole!

Well, well, well! I am proud to anouce that the first person to find the Green Anole, was...


(insert here lots of fan fair and confetti... this just goes to show what a little contribution included with your answer will get ya! Keep this in mind people)

I mean YAY Joan!

Others with the right answer include Lynne from Hasty Brooke and Larry from The Brownstone Birding Blog. Oh and the obligatory mention to my little brother who doesn't actually have a blog of his own but lives vicariously through mine. Good job Scooter! Did I mention that Joan the bug lady was the first to get it right? She told me she sent me an email with the correct answer, so that is how I know she won. Just kidding (I am completely serious) Joan won fair and square (if by fair and square you mean she threatened to never visit my blog again) so back off people Joan is the winner!

Thanks for stopping by everyone and I hope you had fun!

Craig Glenn


scot said...

Congratulations JOAN!!! You just do not know how special you are to get this kind of accommodation from Craig. As you can tell from his slam on me for my non-blogging ways.

Also, congratulations on know what buttons to push in order to win. Craig loves the attention and to "threaten" to leave or win works every time. Although we would never really leave, it's too much fun to poke him.

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Please wait while I pick myself up off the floor.....

wait for it.....

wait..... okay now I am on my way to hospital as I fell off my chair with a heart attack!!!

I never thought I would live to see this day and it seems as if I am not about to either .... that bottle of whiskey I sent you worked WONDERS it seems besides the threats of the ban on your blog!! LOL!! LOL!!

I am going to have to print this page and frame it forever as this is history in the making!!

You could have written my name bigger you know!!

LOL!! Okay Craig you are off the hook for another week. PHEW!! Aren't you lucky!! Thanks for the fun my friend!! :)

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Thanks Scot. As you can see, this win was a disaster for my health!!

Now I have him tagged and can twist him around my little finger in the future. It sure is going to cost me in bottles of whiskey though!! LOL!!

Just kidding as you know. Yes, I do love your brothers blog and would not seriously ban it for more than an hour at most. It is much to much fun!!

Craig Glenn said...

Thanks Joan,

I am glad I got it right this time! Did you notice I didn't mentions Tom at all in the main post, just like you asked. Although I am not sure why? Oh well what ever makes you happy. Maybe Tom can win next week? What do you think?

Now Scooter, mama said I had to let you win every week but she also said you had to be nice!


Thanks you two,


SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

LOL!! Tom will KILL me if the heart attack doesn't LOL!!

Tom: don't fall for his stories!! I think you know by now you a are my best friend too and would never do this to you. :)

Hugs to both of you!!

dAwN said...

Oh da little twickster...he sure did hide from my eyes!
Nice one Craig!

Craig Glenn said...

... she says as her bus drives over the fishing guy...

Craig Glenn said...

Hi Dawn!

Gottcha this time!

Thanks for playing along.


fishing guy said...

Craig: I don't think Joan actually every sent an E-mail. I get thrown under the bus after I gave such a great answer. Was I the only one who saw the droppings. Too bad that green leaf turned out to be an Anole. I didn't even know that name when I visited Florida.

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Gaelyn has come out with the most wonderful suggestion: "Maybe you could make a claymation Craig bug." I will do it in cartoon form and post it!! That will teach you to pick on me!! :)

Bird Girl said...

He really blends in, Craig! Cool!