Sunday, June 21, 2009

Special Bug

Not to be outdone by my nemesis Joan the South African Bug Lady, I ventured out into the bush (ok, it was my backyard) this weekend hoping to find something cool and mysterious for my next blog post. Imagine my excitement when I found this fine specimen of the rare Incredibus Thunderthighmas! Discovered in North America on the first of April 1919, this true bug can not only fly but actually leap 42 times it’s own body length. I have added some interesting “Did you Know” facts below and I hope you enjoy this encounter as much as I did.

Did you Know:

The Thor bug, named for it’s hammer sized hind legs, can be frequently found on the stalks of sun flower plants.

Maureen doesn't like the Thor Bug!

A freak herd of Thor Bugs once devistated an entire crop of sun flower plants.

Did you know research from

Ok, maybe it's just a stink bug. But doesn't Thor Bug sound so much cooler?

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Craig Glenn


SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

LOL!! You nemises has arrived to give you a hard time. :) I must agree that you have outdone yourself again Craig ..... this is probably the most fantastic discovery since ice cream. Did you know that it injects the plants with a saliva enzme which shrivels it up? :)

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Not a winner in any beauty competition,that's for sure.Great pictures though.

fishing guy said...

Craig: This is not right, as a member of the BS Team, you should never call it a Stink Bug since you have fed it steroids. I think it is from the class Steriodius Gigantius Legius. I wonder why it only worked out with its back legs.
Sorry to let you down friend but I had to give Joan the right answer this week. LOL

Maggie May said...

You take brilliant photos. Not sure I like bugs though.
Love your duck header.
Thanks fro popping over to me.


dAwN said...

Great photos Craig! Wow..those legs! Looks it has armor.

Steve B said...

Wow, he's got thighs like a speed skater.

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

LOL! You had me there for a minute!

Shellmo said...

I won't be touching my sunflower plants anytime soon! LOL! Great pics!

Carol said...

Very had me going there!! The Thunderthighmas did have me scratching my head though.

HANNIBAL said...

You have some fine macro skills Craig! Loved the lil stinker!

Larry said...

Looks like that bug has been doing squats and taking performance enhancing drugs.-It could be the mascott for an mlb team.