Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mystery Critter Wednesday 9 Solved

Silver Springs
(Photo by Maureen)

What a great turnout this week! The first to post the correct answer was Richard from At The Water. Runners up include: Scot aka Scooter, well because he has to win 'cause mama said. In his defense he did tell me Giraffe off line and was just trying to be funny with 'sock puppet'. The Bug Lady, well she just flat out missed this week but rallied after the fact via email. (Good luck with that drinkin' problem J) Tom, aka the fishing guy, was second to post the correct answer. I knew he would get it since he has a giraffe at his home in Ohio. (I know this 'cause I seen'd a picture of him) Tom also was right about this guy being male, so extra plug for Tom. (You will have to trust me on this one, but this Giraffe was definitely male)

Also a special welcome to Sandi for her first MCW. Sandi is an awesome writter so check out her blog. Marvin, was another new player and has an great nature blog from the ozarks, not sure what an ozark is but I am anxious to find out! Please pay him a visit as well.

Thanks to everyone else for playing along and visiting my humble nature blog.

Craig Glenn


scot said...

I think it is an optical illusion. the camera angle to make it look like a long neck, when all it really is just your arm in a really fancy sock puppet.

So I win. I'm telling mama on you.

Leeloo's mum said...

Ha, I was wrong! What an great picture though, haha! I love it :)

Maureen McHale said...

First of me photo credit, hmm, is that to avoid paying me for my "professional" work??!!

Second of all... I'm glad everyone enjoyed this shot, I was almost licked to death trying to get a closeup.

Nice post Pumpkin!
--Maureen McHale aka "M"

Craig Glenn said...

Scot: Sorry scooter, I said you were one of the whinners, er... winners.

Leeloo's mum: It's not about being right or wrong so don't sweat it... take my brother for example... really, you can have him... LOL

M: aka Babyluv aka honey-my-baby aka... well i better stop there. Thanks for the shot, you are the best!

Gaelyn said...

You and Tom must have huge yards to accomodate giraffes.
Maybe I'll have better luck next week.

Craig Glenn said...

Gaelyn: Actually mine lives in Silver Springs about 90 miles from my home. Tom's well you would have to ask him about that! lol


SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Okay, what is going on here?? I said he was a humpy giraffe with a drinking problem and I was right!! Now I find it is another week when I am not decalred the winner!! Scot said it was a sock and I demand to see a photograph where he has this one on his feet!!

I am protesting and sitting in the corner sulking until things are straigtened out.


Great shot Maureen. Please take all the pictures for this blog in future, they are so much better than you know who's. :)

Abraham Lincoln said...

Well, good for Tom. Neat post.

Leedra said...

Great photo, I should have given more efford into this one.

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This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Craig: Another great guess by half the BS Team (Better Science). Watching that Discovery Channel will work everytime. It also helps that we have them in Ohio.

Marvin said...

No wonder I couldn't figure out the mystery. Unlike Ohio and Florida, the Ozark Mountains of north Arkansas are a giraffe-free zone.

storyteller said...

Oh I do love this wonderful giraffe photo ... but then I'm partial to giraffes in general ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

Anonymous said...

drinkin problem me tinks the problem lies with c, too much coke a cola..