Monday, August 3, 2009


Silver Springs

M's photo

I feel that it is time for a blogging poll.

I have been catching a lot of heat lately over my photos. Yea I know, go figure, everyone is fine with the stories I post, but they are drawing the line when it comes to the photographic evidence. Y’all are giving me way too much credit. I wish I could doctor my photos but the truth is, I am just not that technically savvy. Now when it comes to telling tall tales, you might have something to talk about.

But first let’s call the trouble makers out by name. That’s right, I am calling you out! It seems that M has joined forces with that bug lady and J, Jane, Jalynn, or what ever her name is. Yea, that’s right J, I know about you too! The horrible rumor boils down to this. I have been using without permission and claiming credit for photos not taken by me but rather M! I KNOW, it pains me to even write such an outrageous accusation.

I have provided two photos of Flamingos for you to see. The above one was taking by M. The photo below was taken by me. Again this is from our day trip to Silver Springs. As you can clearly see I do not need to steal anyone’s photos!

My photo

Please vote on which photo you would rather see on my blog, this is the blogging poll part. As for the conspiracy, why is everybody always pickin’ on me?

Thanks for stopping by,

Craig Glenn

PS. M’s photo was taken right before we were invited to leave the park. It’s seems there is a rule about entering the animal enclosure and stalking the Flamingos for that perfect shot. Thanks a lot M!


jalynn01 said...

uh oh! I've been found out. I wouldn't ever say anything mean to you on your blog. Honestly. I am one niceity nice gal. My best friend Barb from Bird Tales is always saying "Jane, you are too nice" Ask her, she will confirm. I love your pix and your commentary and especially your wonderful sense of humor. M better corral you... as I think you're a keeper.As far as the pictures, I don't care WHO takes them, I'm just enoying them on your blog. could put an M on the ones she takes...maybe.. haha:-) All in fun.... all in fun! J, Jalynn, Jane

PS after viewing the two examples of photographs...I see why you use M's... I would too!

Maureen McHale said...

I vote for Craig's photo...ANYONE apparently can take a pic of animals up close, but to catch them in their natual setting, in a distant and obscure pic - well, that takes a pro, good job Craig - WOW! Lol...actually, mine was a litle out of focus...see, I'll tell ya the truth (occassionally).
Love and Laughs, M

Craig Glenn said...

Jalynn: I don't get it? what is wrong with my photo? LOL There just not a mean bone in your body is there? LOL

Thanks J,


Maureen McHale said...
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Maureen McHale said...

LOL...I love how Jane says she wouldn't say anything bad about you on your she'll wait until your back is turned! I'M KIDDING!!! You know we tease you 'cause we love ya Craigy! xoxo

scot said...

hmm, I have to go with your picture craig, and it is not a brother thing. You actually caught multiple animals in your shot. You got that African bird thingy and the pink ones too. Nothing against M, but her's kinda looks like those plastic things I got in the front yard.

Now, if both of you could actually throw your camera up and get a shot of yourself while it is in midair(See Justin's Pic), then I would be impressed.

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Here you go stirring up things again!! Why could you not just leave it as us nice people out here appreciating GOOD photography when we see it.

In this case M definitely winsa afain as your picture os a dinosaur is just awful!! As usual!!

Take M's picture, it is colorful, pretty, in focus, beautifully in line and those flamingoes were more than willing to co-operate with here which is how good photography should be.

Yours on the otherhand...... well it is best to let it rrmain unsaid. The picture tells it all.

LOL!! Good shot M!! I can see who has the talent in that house. :) Sorry they wanted to throw you out but I am sure it is because of you know who's behaviour. Poor you!! :)

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

We don't MEAN to say rude things Craig. You know we all like you, but the truth will out and if your friends cant tell you the truth, who can?? I mean I dont have a mean bone in my body either. :)


SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Now Scot, why cant you be truthful for once and admit that your brother just does not have the talent. :)

One of these days I am going to try to take a pic of myself like Justin did too. If he can do it so can I. LOL!! LOL!

PS. Hope the darn thing does not land on my head though. :)

Maureen McHale said...

RULES AND REGULATIONS FOR VOTING: Please refer to sec.7-27.07a, in which you will find legislature hereby declaring those individuals who have plastic flamingos in their front yard...need not vote.

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Jeez, if anyone can read THAT they are good!!

It should be: M definitely wins again!!

LOL!! Craig you are ALWAYS getting me into trouble!! I had almost NO sleep last night and am dead on my feet so how do you expect me to type correctly at this time of night under these conditions??


SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Aw shucks!! Does this mean I have to delete my comments M? Just when I was having fun!! Darn!!


scot said...

Hey, you cannot discount my vote!! I demand equal say. Where is the equal opportunity for plastic flamingo collectors of america?

Now, with that said.. remember the baby bird photos.. I seem to recall a picture missing from the blog. The one with craigs big hairy knuckle in the shot.

wow, Craig, you really don't position yourself very well. Maybe it was a brother thing earlier. But dont worry, you are still very special.

Craig Glenn said...

WOW! I certainly did not intend to stir up so much trouble!!!



King of New York Hacks said...

How about a New York pigeon ?? LOL

jalynn01 said...

Oh Craig I think you certainly did know exactly what you were doing! You yourself told me about how your teachers in school felt about you!! Now try to be nice and have a great evening! It was fun reading everyone's comments.

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

I agree Jalynn, he knew EXACTLY what he was doing so it is no good pretending to be so innocent. I think we know him better than that by now.


Sashindoubutsu said...

I'd rather agree with the last two comments before this one, I trust that you know what you're doing..LOL

BTW, I was tagged to post about 6 things that make me happy and I tagged you to do the same. Looking forward to see what makes you happy!^^


Gaelyn said...

Wow, I thought M's pic was the plastic versions as well. Sure glad to know they're real. But I couldn't find any birds in your shot Craig. Better leave the photography to M and just stick to the wonderful witty writting. Plus you really need to stop keeping Joan up all night.

Darla said...

You know dang well your intentions were to stir the pot!! LOL

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Craig: My friend, sorry but M wins by a mile. I had trouble finding what you were shooting. I even clicked in it and couldn't tell. I liked the one with one leg on her photo.

Leedra said...

Why don't you just change the name of the blog to Craig and M's?

Leedra’s Photos For Fun

Leedra’s Greeting Cards

Photography By Leedra

Prins said...

G'day Craig, love the capture of the flamingos mate.

Anonymous said...

every intentions of causing lots of touble craig, knew what u was doing from the start..
months and months of www ( for simpletons world wide web)

Lanny said...

Oh I can see that many of your readers appear to prefer M's flamingo picture, once you wade through all the distracting yammer that is, (and they say those who cry conspiracy are paranoid, nay I say, just observant). But I gotta say I disagree with the majority. Nothing against M's fine photo skills, for certainly if the object is to capture the complete essence of flamigos the job is well done, but the first flamingo picture is ultimately so nerve racking that I really must not gaze upon it long. Knowing that they maintain that color by the critters they eat I am reminded that they are not vegetarians. We all know everyone should be vegetarian, even flamingos. And I keep tilting in my chair as I wait for them to tip over.

Your picture of predominately brown and green mushy scenery is far and away much more appealing. It reminds me of my childhood and pictures my father took of marmots. Brown flecks on any photo from one's toast would make a nice substitute if you couldn't find one of his originals. That's what is nice, warm blurry simplicity, that and drugs for a bee sting gone bad.