Thursday, August 20, 2009

Myster Critter Wednesday 12 Solved

M and I went out to dinner with some of her college friends at downtown Disney last month. We spotted some Lego displays and I was so excited. I just knew these would be wonderful Mystery Critters. I will try to post some of the others Saturday for the Camera Critters meme. That's right Gaelyn, a Lego Dragon!

So, on to the important reveal. This weeks winner was so detailed and absolutely accurate that I am pasting her answer here...

Knowing I may face ridicule, but having raised five kids who loved legos, it looks to me like it could be the mouth of the giant lego T-Rex that is outside the Imagination Center in Downtown Disney. Now, I have never been to Florida, but with your clue and your photo and having learned something of your mindset from having read previous Mystery Critter Wednesdays, I googled and I found a tiny photo of the T-Rex. So on that basis I am going to go out on that precarious limb here.

Elaine!!! What a great job of research. Perhaps Joan and Tom, not to mention Scooter could learn a thing or two about how this game is played. I just love Elaine's blog called "Arctic View". She has been posting some amazing photo's of Sandhill Crane's. Located in Alaska, the complete oposite corner of the US from Florida, Elaine brings one of the most beautiful states in North America to us in brilliant detail. She also apparently has her own sled dog team as this is how she told me her donation is being sent to me here in Florida.

I hope everyone will pay Elaine a visit and say congratulations, you will not be disappointed and will want to follow her Alaskan blog for sure.

Thanks for playing along everyone!

Craig Glenn


SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Congrats Elaine!! I had a look at all your Crane pics and they are great!!

Craig: Anyone with half a brain can see you have swapped the photographs again. Is this so that the police cant find you this time? If you are this confused, I cannot blame Elaine's smart dogs for getting lost. Do you actually know what your own address is?

LOL!! A great T-rex. I wonder how long they took to build it. I used to be crazy about building things with my Lego as a child. It was only as I got older I went over to claymations. :)

You know poor Scot is NEVER going to get over this one and is already telling mama so expect a phone call any minute now. :)

Elaine said...

I am humbled to have won on my first time of submitting a guess. Thank you, Craig, and thank you for your kind words about my blog. I always enjoy reading about Florida on your blog and I hope to get to visit there sometime in the next few years. We went to Disneyland a few years back, and since my hubby and I are both kids at heart, we want to hit Disney World and all the other beautiful places in Florida.

Alas, Craig, read the last comment I posted on the Mystery Critter WR12. No, I don't have my own dog team, but mushers are a tough breed and are up for anything. If they can run the Yukon Quest and the Iditarod they can handle almost anything. See, so I sent this guy on his way, and as I said, I heard him muttering about the Tonight Show and Jay Leno, and Conan isn't going to know what to do with him when he shows up on the stage. He seemed a little confused, and I just hope he isn't headed to Disneyland instead of Disney World. But never fear! Eventually he will make it to Florida. Of course, he may find a little trouble finding enough snow if he does get on the southern route, but mushers are resourceful guys, and your donation will arrive sometime. I hope you have plenty of dog food on hand because those huskies are going to be mighty hungry after their long trek.

Craig Glenn said...


Thanks for another graceful loss! I know you will get it right some day. Just remember when you start your Mystery Monday back up you can laugh at me again. I never seem to get them right.


Don't you worry, you desired this win and your blog speaks for itself. I love following your blog and learning about your wonderful and beautiful state.


Gaelyn said...

So I got second place, I'll live with that if I have to. Elaine was certainly more descriptive. But of course I knew all that too, just didn't want to brag. LOL

You better let Joan win at least one soon or she'll be pouting. ;-)

Craig Glenn said...


But you totally won next weeks challenge! I was so going to do the Lego Dragon.

Oh and I can't believe you threw you friend under the bus like that... but you are right she can be a touch poutty! LOL

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Gaelyn: I thought you were my friend?? Just see if I find you any lions when you are here. If I see some I will tell you they are antelope!! Grrr!! Then who will be pouting?

Hey, common now, you know I NEVER pout just get even!! LOL!! You know what they say about revenge. LOL!!

Craig: A touch pouty? A TOUCH pouty?? You ain't seen nuttin yet!! LOL!!

Okay you two, laugh and snicker if you will, soon I will be starting my Mystery Monday again, then see what I am going to do to you, plus Tom and Scot of course.

To myeslf: Jeez...this is getting worse and worse!! First it was just Craig. Then Tom joined in, then Scot now Gaelyn too. No wonder I feel so unloved and unwanted. SOB!!

Craig Glenn said...

Hey Scot, I think she just called you and SOB!!!

Well it was you or Tom one...

Hey, you don't think it was ME????


I never....


or maybe she's just cryin' again...



scot said...

My hats off to Elaine. Wonderful job. I gladly concede my winning streak. Not only is Elaine a beautiful name(My mother's and daughter's middle name as well) but you live in the most beautiful place in the world.

I have visited Alaska once, and ever since I have wanted to live there. After living in Florida for 10 years, it is kinda flat and hot and sandy. I would love to have a log cabin in the mountains by a river.

Leedra said...

That's one HUGE lego structure!

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This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Craig: I wanted to say Lego but couldn't remember the name so substituded wooden. If only this old mind could remember better. You mean I get no credit for the correct period of time.
Elaine: Lucky I gave you that great start.
Scotty: at least I beat you.