Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mystery Critter Wednesday 10 Solved

The overwhelming majority knew right away what this Mystery Critter was. Kelly was the first to respond with the very close answer of albino crocodile. Joan was however the first to mention albino alligator. From there just about everyone followed suit and I must admit that I revealed way too much detail and should have made it a little harder, but I hope everyone had fun just the same.

So it is with great personal amusement that I announce this week’s winner. Ladies and gentleman, I give you SCOOTER!!! Congratulations little brother on your 10th straight MCW win. I don’t know how you do it week after week. (Now will you please tell mama to stop calling me? It’s bad enough I have to take grief from all my followers!)

Thanks for playing along and I hope to see you all back soon.

Craig Glenn


Darla said...

Cute little guy. Thanks for the comment about your aggravating your followers Craig. I know it's all in fun and I can't wait to jump in and dish some out!! email is

dAwN said...

Boo hoo..I would have sworn that was pickled alligator!

Leedra said...

Like the last photo of the albino gater.

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SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

LOL!! I hope mama has stopped calling now. Brothers!! How totally frustrating!!

Yipeee!!!!! I DID IT!!!! (Just dont tell Scot please, he will be upset again.)


What an unusual critter Crag, I have seen albino's in many animals ovr the years but not in a aligator or crocodile. A awesome creature but oh so UGLY!! LOL!!

Lanny said...

So years ago our zoo held an event, opening of the summer's special alibino exhibit. As a member I recieved special tickets for the day. Being slightly out of the loop I had no idea that all the hype meant it really was popular. We wandered around the zoo and finally ended up at the exhibit. Walked in. Saw the ali croc looked at it for a bit and then walked out the way we came in as it seemed like lots of folks were at the other end of the room.

Once we got outside and rounded the corner of the building we saw a line that wound half way across our very large zoo.

We had managed to accidentally come in the exit door of the exhibit right at the time that the door person step away.

Which was a good thing, my husband is not a patient man for animal viewing.

Your photos are very lovely, you captured his non-color very well. Well according to your other post perhaps you did not?

Sreddy Yen said...

LOL LOL...pickled alligator?? But it sure does look pale - and disgusting~!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Craig: Now that is a baby that only a Mother could love. It sort of reminds me of Scot because of that fact. I told you it was going to be hard to find an albino hippo.