Monday, October 5, 2009

Search for the Bug Lady Part 2

The Meerkat told you what?...

Two days later after meeting and talking with Mr. Meerkat our feet were exhausted from all that walking.  M and little Sara were starting to complain a little bit and it was up to me to now find some better transportation for the vast African landscape.  As a charter member of the Institute of Better Science, I knew just what to do.  Dromedary Camels are a well known means of transportation in hot desert climates.  So off we went to the local Dromedary Camel Rental dealership much to the delight of M and little Sara.

So we were off again in search of the famous Bug Lady!  As we rode I told little Sara all about the Bug Lady.  She listened with wonder and amazement.  "Daddy, she really lets the bugs crawl on her while she takes the photo's?", Sara asked from high atop the Camel.  She sure does Sara, truly a fearless and brave woman the Bug Lady is.

Little Sara was the first to spot our next African Critter friend and it was a good thing she did.  "Look daddy!"
She screamed and pointed.  "It's a Giraffe!"

"That's right Sara," I answered, "now walk your Camel over close to that tree and climb up so you can talk to him."  That is just what little Sara did and this was their conversation.

"Hello little girl," said Giraffe.  "Hello Mr. Giraffe!", said Sara, "we are on an adventure to find the Bug Lady, do you know who she is?"  "Of, course I know the Bug Lady!" said Mr. Giraffe.  Sara continued on, "Mr. Meerkat, said we could find her near here, have you seen her?"

"Near here!" laughed Mr. Giraffe, "she is no where near here little one".  "The Bug Lady lives far to the south and though I know her well I haven't seen her in these parts for a long time!"

"You have to be very careful of Meerkats, little one, they are quite the jokesters and will often lead travelers astray with their cunning deception!"

"Oh my", exclaimed Sara, "Thank you for your help and honesty, we will travel south now and we will surely tell the Bug Lady of your kindness and help."

Sara slid down the Heelu tree and told M and I the news.

Meerkats! Discovery should do a special on those crafty troublemakers!  Stay tuned blog friends, there are many encounters and exciting adventures to come as we search Africa for the famous Bug Lady!

Thanks for stopping by,

Craig Glenn


Maureen McHale said...

Sorry, but I had to laugh - Sara's conversation with the giraffe reminded me of her reading her book out loud to us at bed time...using different voices for the characters! I can't wait for part III, and I was THERE!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Craig: I really enjoyed the way Sara got the real directions from the Giraffe. Those Meerkats on Meerkat Manor are always sticking their nose in where they don't belog. They sure are tricksters.

Craig Glenn said...

M: I know! I did the same thing as I wrote that story! We had a great adventure all thanks to YOU!

Tom: Well I would have climbed that tree but I getting a little old for that!


SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

How brave little Sara is to stop and speak to the giraffe. They dont have those long necks for nothing and get them from always sticking their necks out in search of truth and justice.

Those horrible meerkats!! Sticking their noses in the air as if know everything!! See if I ever trust one of them again!!

WOW!! What a relief you found alternate transport but I think you are in for a bumpy ride.

Maureen: I was reading it in different voices. LOL!!

Craver Vii said...

I can picture the story as a cartoon with famous actors doing the voices.

Fun stuff, Craig! Sorry I couldn't warn you earlier about the meerkats.

scot said...

How come I dont see M on the Camel? Did he spit in her eye?

How could you let Sara climb up that tree to talk to the Giraffe? You know they have a long slimy tongue and only want to steal your snacks.

Also, you are asking the wrong animals for directions. She is not the big hairy mammal lady. She is the bug lady. So you should be getting Sara to talk to the creepy crawly bugs!

Gaelyn said...

Thanks for the warning about the tricky merkats. Sure hope giraff is more reliable. Good thing there was a handy camel rental place. I'm sure I heard different voices when Sara spoke giraff, which I guess you don't.

Leeloo's mum said...

Again, this is very exciting! How was the camel ride? My parents are going to Tunisia sometime this month, they're going to ride the camels and my mom likes to rub it in my face, lol. So cool, can't wait to read more! Ps. I love that picture of little Sara on the camel's back, too cute!

dAwN said...

hee hee..cute adventure...I am waiting patiently suspense..
do u find your bug lady..what other animals will you all encounter?
Will your feet be tired and shoes so worn your socks are showing?
Oh my...cant wait!