Saturday, July 17, 2010

Little Blue Heron with the goods

Little Blue Heron

(click image to enlarge)

M, Sara, and I were taking a walk around Cranes Roost Park and doing a little birding. This Little Blue Heron snatched up some bread and took off.

Thanks for stopping by,

Craig Glenn


ksdoolittle said...

Great shot. They are a pretty bird.

Coy said...

Nice catch Craig. I bet this heron gets a lot of bread hanging around a park. A couple of year back I watched a lady walk through the park at Lake Parker in Lakeland distributing a bag of bread and she was totally surrounded by birds; on the ground, in the air, everywhere! What a pretty sight.

Gaelyn said...

It's a great capture at an opportune moment. However, feeding bread to birds is so bad. It can really gum up their works.