Saturday, July 10, 2010

Little Blue Heron

Did you know:

The Little Blue Heron is actually white for the first year! Here are some cool facts.

Cool Facts

  • The Snowy Egret tolerates the close proximity of white Little Blue Herons more than that of dark Little Blue Herons. A white Little Blue Heron catches more fish in the company of Snowy Egrets than when alone. This relationship may be one reason why young Little Blue Herons stay white for a year.
  • Another advantage of white plumage is that young Little Blue Herons are more readily able to integrate into mixed-species flocks of white herons, thus gaining a measure of protection against predators.
Did you know research from All About Birds. Photograph taken by Craig Glenn in Maitland Florida.

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Craig Glenn


KaHolly said...

Oh, Craig, what a great shot of the Little Blue! And I see he has a guest for lunch! ~karen

Kerri said...

Cool capture!!

forestal said...

Great shot