Saturday, October 30, 2010

White Ibis at Busch Gardens Tampa

White Ibis

I just love the blue eyes of the White Ibis.

Did you Know?

  • When feeding, White Ibis often give a soft, grunting croo, croo, croo as they forage. They may fly up to 15 miles a day in search of food.

  • Around their colonies, ibises eat crabs and crayfish, which in turn devour quantities of fish eggs. By keeping down the numbers of crayfish, the birds help increase fish populations.

  • The main conservation concerns for white ibis are hunting and habitat loss. Birds and eggs are hunted for food. When the colony is disturbed by hunting, adults will leave their nests and the young may die.

  • A group of ibises has many collective nouns, including a "congregation", "stand", and "wedge" of ibises.

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Craig Glenn


KaHolly said...

A true beauty. I especially liked the facts accompanying the picture. It's too bad they don't live up here (New England) where the (non-native)crayfish population
has become a real problem. ~karen

Elaine said...

Lovely portrait shot!

Shelley said...

A beautiful and interesting bird to learn about! I love their eyes - nice capture!

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Beautiful shot Craig. I love watching these fellows hunting for food.