Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mystery Critter Wednesday Round 14

Mystery Critter

This weeks mystery critter should be a little harder than last week, so I am giving you a little clue. This critter also lives at Busch Gardens Tampa and is not native to Central Florida, so think globally.

Good luck and have fun!

Craig Glenn


woodpecker said...

I think I know this one, we see them here in the UK but they are not a native species. Originally kept in captivity, many are now seen in "the wild"

kim said...

wood duck!

Craig Glenn said...

Go for it Woodpecker, what is it?

Kim: uhhhh no. LOL but thanks for playing!

Where is Scooter and Joan today? too tough for them?

naturalistguy said...

Guessing that this is a Mandarin Duck?

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

This one is MUCH too tough for me my friend. I would say it is the feathered dress of those can-can girls from last week. I love the various colors.


I think Scooter chickened out. LOL!!

Craig Glenn said...

NaturalistGuy: hummmm interesting guess... trying to remember if I photographed a Mandarin Duck on that trip.

I guess it would fit the non-native category which would have made Kim's guess very close but failing on the native to Florida.

Oh well, could be! we will find out tomorrow!

Anyone else?


scot said...

I win! I win!

oh wait, I'm suppose to make a guess first.. ok fine!

It's a penguin.

I win! I win!

Craig Glenn said...

Oh Joan you and Scooter are both soooo close. I will have to call mama and see if Scot has to win this week. If not you could really be up for it. At least in the top 10! Assuming not many more people guess. LOL


Elaine said...

An African Crane.

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

If Scot wins again this week, I am not going to play anymore. (Sulk!!) I dont care if he runs to Mama and bawls again as usual!!


woodpecker said...

Oh yes, my guess.

From the neck feathers I would say that it is a Mandarin Duck

Richard said...

Definitely a Mandarin Duck.