Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mystery Critter Wednesday Round 16

Mystery Critter Wednesday

There will be no mercy for Scooter this week! I have got him for sure this time. Hidden in this image is one of the greatest masters of camouflage known to exist in the natural world! So rarely seen, they are believed to not even exist. There are no known photographs in existence. Until NOW!!!

Good luck Mystery Critter Slayers!

And as always, thanks for stopping by.


Jen said...

Oh boy, I'm very curious!

scot said...

You are right with no mercy for me. You know how much I am afraid of Big Foot!! You can clearly see him in this picture.

Left side of picture, in the woods, you can see his face.

I knew they existed and now we have proof.

Gaelyn said...

All I see is ass.

woodpecker said...

Well you sure have me beat, Ive stared at that picture all ways but cannot see this critter.

Craig Glenn said...

Ok so I may have oversold this one a bit.... Don't spend too long looking in the bushes. This was meant to be a funny one, so have fun!


SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

LOL!! This IS funny Craig. No wonder they are missing the picture. LOL!! Let it grow on them. :)